is a place where beginner, intermediate, or experienced traders come to get consistent results without taking on a ton of risk.

I’ll show you how my approach will dramatically reduce risk while allowing time decay to work in your favor.

Trading is something I’ve been doing for over 20 years. Furthermore, in order to generate more income off my trades I started trading cash secured puts and covered calls around 7 years ago. 

Target goal is 2.5% a month across all strategies using high probability trades!

Options as a Strategic Investment Outline and my thoughts series

I recently picked up Options as a Strategic Investment By Laurence Mcmillan You can buy it new here

Or you can buy them used, I got mine from for $12.50 and looks as good as new.

I browsed through the book about 4 years ago when I was able to take it out at the puclib library for 6 weeks. It is pretty much the encyclopedia or bible for options investors. I will be reading the whole 850 some odd pages and wil be giving my thoughts and useful ideas and strageties for each chapter in the book. Since the book is long, I teach full time and run I dont have a ton of time to read (cant wait for summer “vacation” where Ill just read a lot more) But I plan on writing about and making a youtube vidoe on each chapter every week or so. It is definitely a worthwhile book for anyone that has begun trading options and has interesting ways to think about options that even experienced option traders do not consider. Let me know your thoughts as I go through the book.


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