is a place where beginner, intermediate, or experienced traders come to get consistent results without taking on a ton of risk.

I’ll show you how my approach will dramatically reduce risk while allowing time decay to work in your favor.

Trading is something I’ve been doing for over 20 years. Furthermore, in order to generate more income off my trades I started trading cash secured puts and covered calls around 7 years ago. 

Target goal is 2.5% a month across all strategies using high probability trades!

Option as a strategic investment Chapter 3 notes: Buying call options

Don’t invest more than 15% in call buying
If you want to buy the stock and will have funds available in the future like a sale of your house of a CD maturing could make some sense.
You can also play volatility, biy calls when IV is low compared to it’s normal range out of the money calls are cheaper and potential for more rewards but need.more upward price movement. In the money I’d better for smaller gains.
Intermediate term calls give some upside and less theta risk, not sure what time period intermediate is.
For short term move buying a slightly in the money call a few weeks out is preferred.
Delta is close to 1 when way above strike price. Deeply out of the money is near 0.
Delta changes as stock moves.
Figure out price and Delta and calculate a better option strike.
Stocks with lower IV go up more as a % then stocks with high IV assuming same strike and itm


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