is a place where beginner, intermediate, or experienced traders come to get consistent results without taking on a ton of risk.

I’ll show you how my approach will dramatically reduce risk while allowing time decay to work in your favor.

Trading is something I’ve been doing for over 20 years. Furthermore, in order to generate more income off my trades I started trading cash secured puts and covered calls around 7 years ago. 

Target goal is 2.5% a month across all strategies using high probability trades!

Why I love selling super low delta futures puts on /mes

There is a little known strategy that has been a consistent money maker since May 2022 and that has been selling low delta puts on /mes.

One of the main issues with selling options on a small account is dealing with the buying power required; if you want to sell a put on SPY at 400 you would need 40k to maybe earn a few hundred $.Selling a credit spread costs the width of the spread, in a 5 width spread you would use $500 in buying power to maybe earn $25-$50 for a 30 dte. If you were able to trade using portfolio margin naked puts would use less buying power, but you would need at least 100k to trade this way. Futures are a way to use span margin which is similar to portfolio margin but can trade on a small account of a few thousand dollars.

The futures contracts I have been trading are on the equivalent of SPY which is /mes and /es. These are highly leveraged products so be aware of the risks involved. I advise that you review the cme futures website at prior to trading futures.

I tend to sell between .03-.05 delta puts close to 30 days out on /mes. Currently I’m able to get 3% a month on a .05 delta naked put.

Here is what I sold Sunday 5/07. I took in 16 in total premium with a 5x multiplier making $80 on 39 DTE using about $900 in BP and leaving $900 in cash with a 80/1800= 4.4% return off a .05 delta

Here is how I have been managing my funds using these trades.

Whatever the buying power needed for selling a futures put leave AT LEAST the same the buying power required in CASH AND DONT TRADE IT. For the /mes example the buying power used is $418.25, leave another $418.25 in cash to deal with span margin if the trade goes against you.

If interested in seeing the exact same trades I make join there is a 7 day free trial.


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